January 12, 2011

Love - Stamped Necklace

Well I am trying something new again. This time I made a letter stamped necklace I have been wanting to try this for a while. For Christmas my brother and sister in law gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby (they know me). So I decided that I would buy some of the things I needed to do this project. It was very hard to get a picture, but this is the finished project. I think it turned out pretty good to be my very first one.
I think I have a theme going this year and it is 'Trying New Things'. I have to say I am enjoying it and I can't wait until the weather gets better so I can do some painting.
Back to the necklace....
I forgot to take a picture of the stamps I bought but they basically look like these. I am not sure what size they are but I think 3/8. I had to ask one of the workers if they had them and she brought them to me, but they were not priced. When I asked how much they were she looked for the price and came back with a sticker that said $9.99 SOLD. I had looked on line and knew this was a good price. Guess what????? When I checked out they were half price!!!! I almost did the happy dance when I looked at my receipt. (I didn't notice this when they were rung up. I saw it after I had got in my car and I was telling my husband that I had found the stamps)
I bought a pack of blanks that were different sizes and shapes. I think there were 6 in the pack. I don't have one of the metal blocks so I used my garage floor, it worked great just a bit cold.
I had watched a tutorial and it said to start in the middle and work your way out with your lettering. I did the o first and didn't hit it hard enough. I tried to fix it but got off just a little but it still looked ok to me.

You can see the o a little better in this picture.
I used a black sharpie to trace around the letters. You can use liver of something but I don't have that.

After you trace the letters you need to go back and wipe off the extra black. You only want it to make the letters show up better.

Next you will need some round nose pliers. They are round all the way around.
A pair of flat nose pliers. Mine have a place to cut small wire, if yours don't you will need some wire cutters.

Beads (I also used a clear bead)
Place your beads on the headpin. I couldn't get a picture of me twisting the headpin to make a loop, but if you go to you tube there are some tutorials showing how to do this. (sorry)

Jump rings
You will need to use your pliers to twist the jump ring to open.
Thread you blank on the jump ring.
Then add your beads, you could hang your beads on a separate jump ring but I didn't.
I had some red cording that I hung this on, but I also have a silver chain I am thinking about using.
I ended up using three beads because I wanted it to hang a little lower than one bead would have hung. Again I could have used another jump ring and it would have allowed it to hang a little lower.

I really liked how it turned out.
I got this ready just in time for Valentines Day!
I think I have found a new hobby, I really liked making this and I can't wait to make some more.
I hope that you are trying things you have always wanted to try. I know I am having lots of fun. I don't know if I would have ever tried something like this if it hadn't been for all you guys showing what your doing. I hope that this will inspire you to go for it and try something new today!

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  1. So cute! You did a very nice job! I have been wanting one of those stamp sets! Come link up Saturday for my Sew Crafty Saturday party & a giveaway! I also have a giveaway for a $60 gift card to Cowgirl Heaven! Drop by and enter!


  2. This is great! Again, I have thought of doing some things with metal stamps, but I didn't want to make the investment. Now we have a Hobby Lobby not too far away and I can get a set of these too. I bought a bunch of spoons to use as plant markers but I didn't get the stamps. These would be so awesome. Thanks again!