January 29, 2011

Goodwill Finds

Last week when we finally were able to go somewhere we went to the Goodwill! These are a few of the things I found....

I want to paint this but the weather has been so cold I haven't been able to get outside and do anything. I'm not sure what color it will be???
I bought this for $1.99 and thought I might use it at my son's wedding reception or the wedding shower. I may end up spray painting it white, not sure.

The box said two used and two new for $4.99. I saw the silver and again thought it might be something to use for the wedding or shower and if nothing else they will be in my house.
With all of the mercury glass in blog land I thought these would be perfect to try to create that look.
There were two short ones and two taller ones. The ones that had been used had a little bit of a candle in the bottom which took less than a minute to get out and clean them up to look just as new as the other two. Not bad for $1.25 each.

I will post pictures later of the transformations to each of the items, if it ever gets warm enough for me to use spray paint on my days off from work.

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