January 1, 2011

After Christmas deals part 3

A few more of the after Christmas sale items
Top left - wrapping paper that was a special request from both of my boys. I bought some of the red this year and they both told me to get some more of it to wrap their gifts in next year. They take after their mom, I loved the red when I found it. This was regular $3.00 each on sale for $1.50 each.
Top right - I am taking a cue from Just A Girl with some of my wrapping. This should last for several gifts, it was regular $2.50 on sale $1.25
Bottom left - some small bows regular $1.00 sale $0.50 - these along with the wrapping paper could be used for a gift for any occasion.
Bottom right- I got these boxes to wrap the throws that I bought, regular $3.00 on sale $1.50.

Here is a close up of the paper my boys wanted.

Gift tags - regular $2.00 - sale $1.00

Paper with one of the gift tags.

Reg paper with gift tags, this paper could be used for a special Valentines Day gift. These two rolls were regular $2.50 each on sale $1.25 each.

This paper was regular $5.00 on sale $2.50, I love the snowflakes.

I picked up the Cello treat bags. My son will be getting married in June and their colors are red, white, and black. I thought they could be used for wedding favors or if they don't want to use them for that I may use them at Valentines Day. They were regular $1.00 on sale for $0.50.

Reese's are a favorite for my family so when I saw these were marked 50% off I had to pick up a couple of bags. They were regular $2.50 on sale for $1.25

A little gift for myself, I got some of this last year. I have used the one that has the black ribbon on it and I love the smell. The one with the white ribbon is new and I am excited to find out how it smells. This was regular $19.00 on sale for $9.50.

These were regular $1.00 on sale for $0.50, just wanted to try these. (I have tried them they didn't have much of a smell to me but for the price it was worth trying)

Well these were not for me, my husband and two boys always pick up a couple of these after Christmas to eat while watching football games. Both of these were regular $9.00 on sale for $4.50.

Top left - red chargers - I thought I might use these at the reception for my sons wedding, if not I plan on using my cricut to cut some vinyl and put on them. They were regular $5.00 on sale for $2.50.
Top right - A cookie press, I am so excited about this I had been wanting one. Regular $10.00 on sale for $5.00 can't wait to try this out, maybe some hearts for Valentines Day placed in one of the cello treat bags.
Bottom L&R - Towel set regular $5.00 on sale $2.50. I may use this or I may give it as a gift.
I was looking for a few Christmas dishes. Top left - Garnet platter, top right - snow flake bowl, bottom left - snowflake platter - all of these were regular $10.00 on sale for $5.00. Bottom right - red bowl regular $5.00 on sale $2.50.

I teach Kindergarten and always look at clearance for gifts for my students, these will be gifts for my class next year.
Top left - pencil sharpeners regular $2.00 on sale for $0.50, I could only find one pack of these so they may go in my treasure box.
Top right - cello treat bags regular $1.00 on sale for $0.50 the pack has 20 bags.
Bottom left - kaleidoscope regular $2.00 on sale for $1.00
Bottom right - pencils - regular $1.00 on sale $0.50
Top left - 12 pack activity books - regular $2.00 - sale $1.00
Top right - Erasers - regular $1.00 on sale for $0.50
Bottom left - Tootsie Roll Bank - regular $1.00 on sale for $0.50. I bought these for my Valentines Day gifts for my students this year.
Bottom right - Tic Tac Toe game - regular $2.00 on sale for $0.50. I am going to use these with letters for students to spell words and teach word families.

I hope everyone was able to find some r
eally great deals.


  1. Wow! You are a great bargain shopper! That's almost my favorite thing for Christmas. I love rediscovering the things I bought after Christmas when I decorate for the next Christmas. I didn' get too much this year, but I'm still on the look out for something I can't resist!

  2. Thank You for your comment. This is the most I have ever bought after Christmas, I normally only pick up a few things.
    I also love opening the boxes at Christmas and seeing all the things I forgot I bought, but my favorite thing to get are ornaments. I actually picked up a few more of the acorns that had been marked down to 75% off. I hope you find some great deals Happy hunting.