January 26, 2011

Snow + No School = A Good Day to Paint

Due to more snow and no school we were able to get the ceiling and the walls in our kitchen painted.
This is my son preparing to paint a masterpiece.

Here he is filling in holes with a cake icing knife because we were impatient waiting on his dad to bring the putty knife. Just so you know it worked if your ever in a bind. 
While we were waiting on the putty to dry my hubby took the outlet covers off and my son and I got everything ready to paint the ceiling.
I bought this ceiling paint at Wally World Wal-Mart, it goes on a violet color and then drys white. WooHoo no guessing if you missed a spot.

Isn't this a pretty color.

See no guessing!

With the walls taped off and the ceiling painted and drying we were ready to start painting the walls. And the moment you have been waiting for, loosing sleep over,drum roll . . . . . . . . . . the color is. . . .

 Welcome Sun
Isn't that a great name? 

I have been looking at paint colors since the beginning of January. 
I wanted a change but not a drastic one because I really liked the color I had but it needed a new coat.
So last night while picking up some things from Wal-Mart I decided to take a look at what they had and this is what I found.

We have a sun room that is painted in a similar color called 'Butter' and we are going to have to  replace some windows this summer which will require re-painting it. (I want to paint it blue, maybe)

I decided that a yellow would be a nice color for the kitchen. I plan on putting either blue or red/burgundy accents in the kitchen. (I think anyway).I really like blue and yellow together.
Here is another pic of the paint, now that the walls are painted I think I luv it. 

You know there is always that fear of hating the paint color once it goes on the wall. Well I really like it,and it brightens up the kitchen. I almost picked out a darker color and I am so glad I didn't. 

My kitchen only has one window over my kitchen sink but it gets the sunlight that comes in from all the windows in the sun room, but still a dark color would have been to dark for me. I will post some pics later of how it looks now. 

I still want to give the trim a fresh coat of paint but for now I am so excited that one of my goals for the new year is ready to be marked off my list.
This is for everyone who is snowed in once again or who is like me and can't wait for spring to arrive. This was another purchase from Wally World.
I hope you are getting some of your goals checked off your list. But for now run out to your favorite place to pick up flowers and put a little spring in your home. 

These make me smile and I hope they gave you a smile too.

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