January 24, 2011


Are you new to blogging like me and are asking yourself what is Blissdom then click here and read.

I just posted this over at Just A Girl about the upcoming BLISSDOM '11

I wish I could come:0( but not going to happen this year. Just to let you guys who are coming to Nashvagas (I live about an hour away) pack warm we are expecting snow Tues. night. Where I live we are only expecting 3" this time, we have had lots of snow this year like so many others. Those of you who live where this is normal are probably laughing! Sorry but TDOT (TN Dept. of Transportation is running out of salt for the roads) So girls have a great time and stay warm and post lots of info for all of us who can't attend.

If you want to keep up with Nashville weather you can visit www.wsmv.com this is a Nashville news network. Again I hope everyone has a great time and please post info about the fun, and maybe next time I will get to attend and join in the fun.

I haven't read everything that is coming up but I wish their was some type of podcast of the speakers, I am hoping to become more involved in the blogging community and would love all of the great information.
If anyone knows of a DVD or something please leave me a comment.

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