December 22, 2010

WARNING!!! This post is addicting

I found this recipe over at Dee's blog SeptembertheMarch - link is at the bottom of this post. i changed the recipe around for the flavors my family likes but stayed close to what she used. Here is a picture of the finished product and a list of the ingredients I used. Easy and delicious! Enjoy!!!!!
Popcorn - my husband is addicted to popcorn and literally eats it every night so I gave him the job of popping several batches. (Dee used store bought - whatever is best for you)
I used one package Almond Bark melted in the microwave following the directions on the package.
While I was waiting on the Almond Bark to melt I added the ingredients together. I used a turkey bag because it is what I had on hand, you will need something large. So I added half the popcorn, 3/4 box of corn chex - again this is something I had on hand and needed to use before the date went out.
I did use about four cups or more of peanuts because my family likes peanuts. You could leave this out or use your families favorite nut.

About 2-3 cups of crasins
Broken pretzel sticks

I really just eyeballed the ingredients until it looked like I wanted it. I started by adding some of the Almond Bark and coating all the ingredients I then added more popcorn and more of the other ingredients and the rest of the Almond Bark. I rolled it around in the bag until I thought everything was coated and then spread it out on parchment paper. After I spread it out into a semi-thin layer I added Toll House dark chocolate and mint chips. I didn't add these in the bag because I didn't want them to melt.

I then melted some red Wilton candy melts and drizzled over the top. I let this dry before sampling (sure we did). I used red because I had the green mint chips and this made it Christmasie (that's a word isn't it)

Please visit Dee at September the March
She has a video that you can watch. We have loved this and are making plans to make more using different ingredients. My son wants to try it with peanut butter chips. This will make great gifts, wrapped in a pretty package. I will take a pic when I get these ready, that is if they make it to the package stage.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will try this.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting the made it soo pretty for Christmas!! (I have eaten so much of it I can barely look at the picture!)