December 30, 2010

After Christmas sales - Ornaments

I thought I would share some of the after Christmas sales I found. Children wait all year for Christmas. . . . Well this adult waits all year (well not all year) for the day after Christmas sales. Each year I tell the hubs that I just want money for Christmas. Now we have been married forever and I only have one neck, two ears, and eight fingers so he's been running out of options for years so he is good with that. Ok with that being said this is what I got from him and my boys. Plus one more pair of earrings (guess I didn't get a picture of them) I will take a pic later.

OK everyone all together now... Aaaaaaaaaaaaa aint he sweet :-)

So after church we went to town and did a little after Christmas shopping. I love going and getting some great deals. We have been having lots of snow so I don't know if that kept folks in but even at around 2:00 there were lots of good deals to be found. Today I am posting about some of the ornaments I found. I will post pics of the other things I found later. I found all of these ornaments at Wal-Mart.


I love ornaments and if you saw my post here you will see I like to have different ornaments on my tree.
Peace ornament regular $1.00 on sale for $0.50
For a special arrival that will be here next Christmas, regular $5.00 on sale for $2.50
Green glass ball regular $2.00 on sale $1.00
Red glass ball regular $2.00 on sale $1.00
Acorn ornaments regular $2.00 each sale $1.00 each
Santa (love the old look) reg $2.00 sale $1.00

Total Cost: $8.00 with a savings of $8.00 and some really cute ornaments. These may end up on my tree next year or they may be given as gifts, either way it was better than spending $16.00.
I have some more things I bought, but I will post them later.
Do you go shopping after Christmas? I would love to hear about some great things you found.

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