March 6, 2011

First Saturday of the month

Today was the first Saturday of the month!
If you don't know why this day would be any different than any other day then let me tell you. . . .
It is HALF OFF the ENTIRE STORE at Goodwill.
Now I have to say my last couple of trips to Goodwill haven't been that great,  but this Saturday I found some great pieces that I can't wait to show you. I have no pictures to share at this time because everything I bought is still in my vehicle due to the fact that it is pouring rain and has been most of the day.
So as soon as the weather clears up a little I will be able to take some pictures to show you.

I will share this, as we were loading some of my treasures a woman leaving the store said and I quote
"Someone actually bought that?"
well yes mam someone did and I don't really blame her for the comment because she could only see for what it is now, not what it is going to be.  Just wait you may agree with the lady leaving the store but I hope you will come back to visit and see how it is changed.
Have a great day.
** I came back today and edited what I had written this morning at 1:20a.m., have I every mentioned I have insomnia!! Well after I re-read my post it sounded a tad jumbled and squished together. Hopefully it makes a tad more sense. My mind tends to run at high speed at night for some reason hence the insomnia.

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