February 26, 2011

Goodwill Cake Stand

If you have visited my blog recently then you know that I bought several 'treasures' from my local Goodwill stores. I bought things that I hope to use at my sons wedding shower and the wedding reception. So I thought I would try making a cake stand. I like how it turned out, take a look and see what you think.
Yellow apples are my favorite.

I really like glass that has the air bubbles in it so when I saw this I really wanted to buy it, but I needed to know I had a use for it.
So when I found this platter that had the same bubble look that was all I needed. I new what I would do with my new treasures. Oh and there is probably a better name for this type of glass but I am unsure what that would be and when I was looking for more glass like this on Google that's what it was called so if you know what the correct name for this just leave a comment and let me know. Thanks
I picked up a tube of this at my local Wal-Mart. Love that place but I always spend to much!

I turned the glass upside down and put some glue around the bottom edge of the glass.
This picture shows a close up of the bottom of the platter and a nice view of the bubble effect I was talking about. 
I originally drew a line using a dry erase marker on the top side of the platter to find the center but when I turned the bottom over there was a nice little circle from when the platter was made. I used this as a guide to find the center of the platter (If you look close you can see it in this picture).

I placed several plates on top of the platter so that it would get a good seal. A left it for a day and WaLa there you have it!
You like no? (said with an accent)
It was a little taller than I expected it to turn out, but I am thinking I can place some flowers around the bottom and then place something nice and tasty on top. But for now this is a great place for my apples to stay. I have some oranges just waiting to join!

I had some beautiful weather today here in Tennessee I hope you did too. I know there will still be some cold days ahead but I am hoping the worst is over. 

I painted some things today and will be adding this project soon so come back by  and see what I am up to next. 

Please leave a comment! I really love to here from you plus I like to go see what you might be up to.


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  1. Turned out great and I'm right there with ya, I love that bubbled look. Stopped by from FJI.

  2. Great thinking! Isn't it wonderful to create something yourself and do it inexpensively? I need to try something like this. I'm glad y'all are having some warmer weather up there....we are too down here in Mississippi!

    I'm your newest follower!


  3. This looks great! I just made apothocery type jars out of a candle stick and a glas cylinder. Same basic idea as what you did and isn't it just great!? They turn out so nice.

  4. Very cool Penny... curious... did you like that glue? There are so many out there... I wonder how they all hold up!


  5. thats an awesome idea for a cake stand! very creative!