February 10, 2011

Copy Me Challenge - Miss Mustard Seed

After joining in on the fun over at Funky Junk I thought I would give Miss Mustard Seed a try. It was much easier for me to copy Donna but take a look for yourself and see if I was able to channel Miss Mustard Seeds style.

Here is a tutorial to go with my copy me challenge.

I have a love for topiary right now and of course I wanted to try my hand at making my own.
I was at my local Wal-Mart and they had a pack of three decorative balls on clearance sale for $7.00. I came very close to buying and using them as a topiary. In my quest to create items I want at a cheaper price I decided to try my hand at making some of my own.
I already had some of these Styrofoam balls, to use as the base of my topiary.
I purchased one bag of this for $1.00.
There were some type of shells in the package also but for the most part it was full of these. I have no idea what these are called but they were just what I was looking for.
I just started pushing the stems into the ball.
I put them in around the center first.
Then I just continued pushing the stems in, I did use hot glue on some of the stems that I felt were a little loose.
Looks like a dahlia
There were a few spaces where I couldn't get the potpourri close enough so I broke a few of the pieces apart and put a dab of glue to cover any of the open spaces.
I covered the entire ball leaving a small spot for a dowel stick to go in later.
I had bought a pack of 16 round dowels for $0.97 and I had some natural jute I had bought at Hobby Lobby for another project. I debated on painting the dowel but I decided I would try wrapping the jute around it first.
I pre-measure where the ball would come on the dowel and how tall I wanted it to be. I just made a mark with a pencil so I would know where to start and stop wrapping the jute.
I place a small dab of glue and started twisting the jute around the dowel.
I put some floral foam in a small container I had bought at Old Time Pottery for (I love this store), then I put some hot glue on the dowel and pushed it down in the foam. I added some moss to cover the foam and make it all pretty.
This is what I ended up with. I love it and I am going to make me another one. I added it to one of the shelves I have in my bedroom.
I added this heart and wala. What do you think?
Do you think Miss Mustard Seed would have this in her house?

Here is the link to check out what everyone else is doing.

Copy Me Challenge

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  1. You topiary is darling! Does it also smell nice because it's made out of potpourri? :)

  2. Very nice...great idea....I love topiaries, too!

  3. Your topiary is very pretty! I love your shelves too!

  4. That's so cute! I love the materials you used! Actually I love the shelf decor all together! Stopping by from Just a Girl SAS party.
    Scissors & SPatulas

  5. Oh this is so cute! Thanks for sharing and I am following you back! :)

  6. Yes definitely MissMustardSeed worthy. I am a bit late in commenting but boy oh boy were there a lot of links to visit in this copy me challenge.

  7. I love this Penny... great tutorial!


  8. THIS IS SOOO cute! Looks super easy too! Love that!

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  9. Linh C - it does have a light smell and you could add the oils to add a stronger scent if you wanted to.

    Lisa - thanks so much for becoming a follower I really appreciate it

    Marrianne - yes there were lots of blogs to look at, so much fun seeing what others are doing.

    Jennie - it was a very easy project and I hope others will try making their own.

    Thanks to everyone who commented!!!

    Oh and the shelves came from Hobby Lobby several years ago on clearance and were in storage for at least a year before I ever put them up, I am so glad they finally found a home.