December 29, 2009

My first post

Well I will start by saying I really enjoy reading blogs and so I thought I would try one for myself.
I have the Christmas tree down and all of the other decorations have been taken down and are waiting to be put into storage boxes. I am wanting to sort through my things this year and give the things that I did not use to someone who will use them. Of course after thinking about it I wish I would have done this before the holidays were over so they could have used it this year, but who had the time! That being said explains one of the reasons that I need to down size those decorations. Does anyone else feel like they spend too much time trying to get everything decorated. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the decorating part. However if I were better organized this would not taken near as much time. I was better this year because I had downsized some things this summer (not enough). So my goal for the new year is to get rid of things that are not needed and are not being used. Basically I am going to be ridding myself of STUFF! and not just Christmas decorations but really how many plastic storage bowls does a girl need?
Oh I talk a good game but I love my STUFF and it hurts to see it leave:(

This blog will have some of my projects! I love to craft and decorate. Which is why I am hooked on blogs. You guys have some great projects and I hope that I can inspire so folks in the same way that I have been inspired.
Oh and sales! I love a good sale and a good buy so I will share some of my thrifty finds. As soon as I get a new camera or my camera fixed I will post what I am working on now. I am in my bedroom and bathroom. Maybe I can get my sons camera so I can take some photos. I know I am all about seeing what folks are doing when I visit their blogs.
Well that's all for tonight I hope you will come back and visit with me later.
Thanks for stopping by.

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